Conference Room Request Information

If you are looking to utilize the conference room in the airport fire hall, you are in the right place.

Our Airport Emergency Operations Center (EOC) doubles as a multi-purpose conference room that is available free-of-charge to airport tenants, not-for-profit organizations and Bi-State Development Agency. Please note: personnel, EOC and airport administration requirements have precedence over all other users.

About the Facility Conference Room

The facility seats 32 to 48 people. Seating Diagrams are available that include a variety of classroom and theater-style arrangements. Please specify seating requirements when filling out the online form.

An overhead video projector and sound system is available for presentations. Computer presentations should be on flash drive, CD, or DVD using PowerPoint or other Microsoft Office applications. A VHS video player is also available. Internet access can be available, if requested.

The facility is available weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. Weekend or evening use may be approved by the fire chief and/or airport director.

Users are responsible for leaving the room as found (i.e., trash in receptacles, tables clean, and chairs arranged neatly.) If food has been consumed or a significant amount of trash is present, the trash must be disposed of outside in the parking lot dumpster.

Fees will be assessed for damages, cleaning services, or employee overtime, if required.

Please arrange your own food or drinks, if desired. Coffee service may be provided for small groups—If used, please make a per-cup donation to cover the cost of the coffee consumed. All food must be prepared in advance elsewhere or catered in—no cooking. The preferred caterer is The Hangar’s Restaurant.

Please use lids on drinks when practical to minimize spillage and help protect the carpet.

If you are looking to utilize the conference room in the airport fire hall, please complete the form  below. Using this form will ensure that the room is available for your group and helps the airport plan for other events or groups.

Click here to download a PDF Request Form

Online Request Form

Click here to fill out an online request form.

Form Instructions

1.  Review the details describing what is available in the conference room, what you may or may not do in the conference room and, if you agree to those terms, continue to fill out the form.

2. Choos your preferred Seating Configuration.

3. Provide the information requested in the form. All fields are required. Incomplete forms will NOT be processed.

4. Use the Notes or Special Needs section to describe your groups’ use of the room, what you expect from your visit, and anything else that may pertain to scheduling your event. More detail is appreciated!

5. Once the Conference Room request form has been submitted you will be added to the schedule and a confirmation email will be sent. If there is a problem with scheduling your Conference Room request, you will be notified and assisted in rescheduling your request.