On-Site Services

Providing first-class support and services.

(Left to right) Firefighter Terry Bowman, Chief Mike Mavrogeorge, Captain James Hinchey, Firefighter Bob Toenjes, and Firefighter Chad Trost 

The St. Louis Downtown Airport Fire Department provides fire suppression, first response emergency medical care, emergency management coordination, airfield operations services, and has a very active public life safety education program.  The department lives by the motto “Your Safety is OUR Mission”. Our department provides FAA ARFF Index “B” capability with its 2009 Rosenbauer Panther 6X6 ARFF Vehicle that contains 3000 gallons of water, 400 gallons of foam, 500 pounds of dry chemical, and 460 pounds of Halotron I. The vehicle is 39 feet long and weighs 80,000 pounds.

Our firefighters train year round in required FAA subject areas and many of our personnel attend advanced training courses around the state and the nation. All full-time fire department personnel are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians, Airport Firefighters, Illinois Advanced Technician Firefighters, and Hazardous Materials Technicians. All officers are certified to a minimum of Illinois Fire Officer II.

(Left to Right) Gary Streeter, Bobby Tonejes, Dan Trost, Chad Trost, Val Juenger, Ken Buettner

The maintenance department of the St. Louis Downtown Airport provides oversight on construction projects, engineering consultation on prospective capital improvement projects, preventive and unscheduled maintenance on a variety of equipment and structures, and conducts snow removal operations across the entire airport.

The maintenance department has the equipment and man power to maintain full airport operations in most inclement weather scenarios and the training to ensure continued compliance with 14 CFR Part 139.