The St. Louis Downtown Airport maintains information about NOTAMS and TFRs affecting our airport here.


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The St. Louis Cardinals’ Busch Stadium, St. Louis Rams’ Edward Jones Dome, and Gateway International Raceway are protected by TFRs during sporting events. Both stadiums are located in downtown St. Louis, approximately 3 miles from the airport. The raceway is located 5 miles north of the airport. The airport remains open during these times, however pilots must be in contact with Air Traffic Control.

Taxiway B2 Closed

SOUTH 400 FEET OF TAXIWAY B2 BETWEEN B1 AND B CLOSED. Taxiway B2 cannot be used as a through-taxiway. This is a permanent closure. The north 400 feet of taxiway B2 will remain open for aircraft maintenance operations only. Aircraft entering taxiway B2 must be capable of making a 180 degree turn to exit the area. B2 is 100 feet wide. The closed area is marked by low-profile barricades at each end.

St. Louis Downtown Airport Taxiway

The timely knowledge of this information is essential to personnel and systems concerned with flight operations. A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR), a type of Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) is an area restricted to air travel due to a hazardous condition, a special event, or a general warning for the entire Federal Aviation Administration airspace. NOTAMs are created and transmitted by government agencies and airport operators under guidelines specified by Annex 15: Aeronautical Information Services of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (CICA). The term NOTAM came into common use, rather than the more formal Notice to Airmen, following the ratification of the CICA, which came into effect on April 4, 1947. Notices to Airmen were normally published in a regular publication by each country’s air authorities (e.g., in Flight Magazine in the UK ). A number of developments and amendments to the CICA have resulted in the more automated system available today.

A Notice to Airmen (NOTAM or NoTAM) is a notice filed with an aviation authority to alert aircraft pilots of potential hazards along a flight route or at a location that could affect the safety of the flight. NOTAMs are unclassified notices or advisories distributed by means of telecommunication that contain information concerning the establishment, condition or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard.