Helicopter Operation Information

St. Louis Downtown Airport is home to a multitude of helicopters including all St. Louis area news and traffic helicopters, mulitple helicopter charter and flight instruction businesses, scenic tour helicopters and several privately owned helicopters. Most operate from the northwest corner of the airport and make frequent flights to and from St. Louis daily.

There are several heliports throughout the city including those at the Mississippi riverfront at the Gateway Arch (St. Louis Downtown Airport), Anheuser Busch Brewery, Arch Aeromedical Helicopters, and the many hospitals in the area. In addition, traffic and news helicopters operate over the main highways and news scenes, and tour helicopters conduct scenic flights around the St. Louis area. All helicopters operating within the airport’s Class D airspace should be in contact with the Downtown Tower. Use caution to see and avoid them.

Most helicopter pilots monitor the St. Louis Area Discrete Helicopter Frequency, 123.025.

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