Fixed Based Operators
PHONE (618) 337-3400
UNICOM 122.95

Ideal Aviation

Located in the center of the West Ramp at the West Terminal (Hangar Three), Ideal Aviation is a full-service FBO that has been serving pilots and passengers at St. Louis Downtown Airport since 1983. The 24/7 FBO occupies 4 hangars totaling over 77,000 square feet. Ideal provides fuel, maintenance, flight training, aircraft rental, and storage to resident and transient pilots. Whether you fly a G4 or a Super Cub, Ideal provides a full range of services to support pilots and passengers alike. 

Ideal Aviation features such amenities as:

  • Heated hangars (up to 25′ clearance)
  • Repair service (A&P-IAs, Part 145 Avionics Shop)
  • AARF Index B coverage
  • AeroShell Jet-A and 100LL Avgas
  • Complimentary crew car
  • Preferred rates on hotels, limousines, and rental cars
  • Plane-side access for ground transportation
  • Concierge service
  • Conference room
  • Flight planning area and hi-speed internet access
  • Ground power service
  • Lav and cleaning service
  • Oxygen and nitrogen

Jet Aviation

Located on the East Ramp with Line Service located in the Terminal with the round windows, the Jet Aviation FBO at St. Louis Downtown Airport provides a comprehensive array of premium ground and support services from piston to narrow-body aircraft up to Boeing 757. Jet provides 24-hour line service by NATA-certified Safety First line technicians supported by its own above-ground bulk fuel plant. The KCPS location of the international FBO has been exceeding expectations for more than 42 years with no signs of slowing.

Jet Aviation features amenities such as:

  • 29 acres of ramp space rated at 175,000lbs (waved up to 250,000lbs)
  • Phillips 66 Jet-A and 100LL Avgas
  • Domestic and international handling
  • NATA Safety First trained certified technicians
  • De-icing (Type I and IV)
  • APUs
  • Aircraft refueling – Jet A / Avgas 100LL
  • Heated hangars Tie Down
  • Preferred rates on hotels, limousines, and rental cars
  • AARF Index B coverage
  • Executive and crew lounges
  • Conference rooms
  • Flight planning room and weather service (WSI, etc.) terminals