Safety & Security

Safety dictates every single move and maneuver made by St. Louis Downtown Airport. The consistent comfort and security of our customers, co-workers, and community are what make KCPS one of the region’s best. Our skilled staff, renowned fire department, and NATA-certified Safety First line technicians of the FBOs work tirelessly to ensure that all regional and national flight safety regulations and procedures are in place or ready to be enacted at a moment’s notice.

General Aviation Safety and Security Practices examines resources used by the general aviation community in the development of safety and security programs, and explores funding sources and issues that determine the amount of money spent on such programs.

GASSP also describes current practices that general aviation airports use to keep their facilities safe and secure. All of the forms and documents are kept here.


Security is a pivotal foundation for all airport operations. To learn more about Airport security policies, please visit:


Safety guides all that we do at KCPS. However, in the event you are exposed to an unsafe event, please complete the applicable form below.


Clear and accessible rules are important to the consistent operation of the Airport. We appreciate everyone’s efforts in understanding and complying with our rules and regulations.


St. Louis Downtown Airport values the privacy of our customers and community as much as they do. We utilize extreme discretion in handling the operations of all our customers, especially high profile flyers.

We understand the importance of flying with a sense of comfort and security, and assured privacy is often an essential part of comfort.