Movement Driving Exam

1) Which of the following are true?

2) Vehicle operators authorized to drive on the taxiways and runways__________.

3) Taxiway edge lights are ________.

4) Which of the following will you NOT find in the movement area?

5) Runway centerlines are painted _______.

6) A flashing white light from a light gun in the control tower means what?

7) When operating a vehicle in the movement area, you may pass an aircraft coming towards you.

8) Runway edge lights are blue.

9) When the tower advises you to "Hold short of runway 12L at Alpha 3" it is expected that you will:

10) If you are unsure of the instructions given to you by the tower, you should:

11) Taxiway centerlines are painted ___________.

12) What can you expect to happen if you drive on an active runway or other movement areas without permission?

13) A solid green light from a light gun in the tower means:

14) It is permissible for vehicles not operated by airport employees or jet aviation employees to use the access road to travel between the east and west ramps.

15) Aircraft have the right of way at all times.

16) A taxiway location sign with yellow markings on a black background identifies what taxiway you are on. In this case, you are:

17) What does this sign mean?

18) The pavement marking shown to the right, signifies the movement area boundary. If you are looking at the marking from this point of view, you are on the non-movement side.

19) This marking indicates the hold short line prior to entering a runway.

20) This sign indicates you are on taxiway A1 approaching taxiway B1 and Taxiway intersecting A?

21) When you see this sign next to the taxiway painted like this, it means:

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