Non-Movement Driving Exam

1) In order to maintain your gate card, operators are required to:

2) The Vehicle Operator Knowledge Test is an annual requirement that will result in a disabled gate card if expired.

3) Possession of a gate card allows the owner of the card to:

4) The Non-Movement area consists of:

5) Aircraft always have the right of way over a vehicle.

6) What is the maximum speed limit on the ramp?

7) Vehicles should pass an approaching aircraft:

8) When entering or exiting a drive through gate:

9) Drivers should be extremely aware of their surroundings, and be aware of blind corners.

10) Suspicious activity and improper actions should be reported to:

11) When driving or parking a vehicle, you should avoid aiming your headlights at aircraft.

12) To drive on the NON-MOVEMENT area, you need permission from the tower.

13) It is permissible to travel from one ramp to the other via the access road located on the NE corner of the West Ramp.

14) Which of the following movement area boundary markings are correctly labeled?

15) In order to cross the boundary marking in the previous question, going from the ramp to the Movement Area (Runways/Taxiways), do you need prior permission from the tower?

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