Gulfstream Invests $28.5M to Expand Operations at KCPS

Gulfstream Invests $28.5M to Expand Operations at KCPS
September 13, 2023 Jerry Vallely
Photo of Gulfstream's hangar and facilities at St. Louis Downtown Airport

We were very excited when Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced back in June it is investing $28.5 million to expand the completions and outfitting operations at its facility here at St. Louis Downtown Airport. The growth augments a previous expansion announced in 2022 at the Gulfstream Service Center at KCPS, aimed at increasing production of custom cabinetry and exterior paint capacity for Gulfstream’s in-demand, large-cabin aircraft. The expansions ultimately will result in the creation of 200 new jobs and the retention of nearly 500 jobs in Cahokia Heights, Illinois.

The investment and job commitments are supported by the State of Illinois through the Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) tax credit program.

“We greatly value our relationship with Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and its commitment to bring more jobs to St. Louis Downtown Airport,” said Taulby Roach, President and CEO of Bi-State Development, which owns and operates St. Louis Downtown Airport. “As our largest tenant and a global leader in the aerospace industry, this investment is significant, not only for our airport, but also for the region at large.”

Once complete, the expansion will bring Gulfstream’s total St. Louis footprint to 642,657 square feet. The expansion will enhance many aspects of the Gulfstream operations at KCPS, including:

Completions Operations — Gulfstream will increase completions operations at the airport while modernizing its existing spaces by adding new, state-of-the-art equipment and tooling.

Capacity — The facility will include greater capacity for exterior aircraft painting, furniture installations and avionics integrations, among other work, that will enable full aircraft completion and customer deliveries directly from the St. Louis facility.

Sustainability — The investment underscores Gulfstream’s sustainability strategy, as the new enhancements on-site will increase efficiency and reduce waste through improved lighting, water and HVAC systems, alongside other features.

Customer Service — Gulfstream Customer Support will continue to serve customers at the St. Louis Service Center in Cahokia Heights.

Jobs — The expansion creates more career opportunities for skilled labor in avionics, interior installations, structures and testing, as well as positions in procurement, parts management, customer service and engineering.

With all of those new jobs on the horizon, we are excited to see the partnerships Gulfstream is forging with local educational institutions that will help build a talent pipeline to serve its organization and the region.