KCPS Participating in Illinois Advanced Air Mobility Project

KCPS Participating in Illinois Advanced Air Mobility Project
June 26, 2024 Kelle Sutton
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St. Louis Downtown Airport Director Sandy Shore and other airport leadership visited Chicago in March to attend the very first Project Advisory Committee meeting to discuss the Illinois Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) System Plan. The purpose of the plan is to recognize and prioritize existing and near-term AAM opportunities from an infrastructure, airspace and IDOT policy perspective. The meeting was held to discuss the role of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC), provide an overview of the project and afford committee members a chance to ask questions and offer feedback.

More than 30 aviation professionals participated and will be collaborating to ensure this project transforms Illinois into a global leader in advanced air mobility, while also improving the quality of life for surrounding residents.

The Illinois AAM System Plan Project Process includes four phases that committee members discussed and evaluated. Phase 1 focuses on system vision and goals, defining the system and identifying opportunities and threats. Phase 2 entails activity forecasts and airspace integration. Phase 3 will focus on implementation and recommendation framework. Phase 4 involves the tangible deliverables of the project, including executive summary brochures, sample vertiport reports, technical reports, project posters and 3D airspace models.

During a breakout activity, attendees brainstormed recommendations related to public education and community engagement, infrastructure and zoning, workforce development, airspace safety and system planning.

Additional PAC meetings will be scheduled to continue to advance the project.

The team at KCPS is excited to be playing an active role in this process, helping to shape the future of advanced air mobility in the state of Illinois. To learn more, click here.