St. Louis Regional Aerospace and Aviation Taskforce Launched

St. Louis Regional Aerospace and Aviation Taskforce Launched
December 14, 2023 Jerry Vallely
Logo for St. Louis Regional Aerospace and Aviation Taskforce

The newly launched St. Louis Regional Aerospace and Aviation Taskforce is up and running, and St. Louis Downtown Airport is pleased to be one of several participants. The Taskforce has been formed to provide a platform for bi-state leaders to share industry related information, programs and events that could help connect, promote and elevate the continued growth of the aerospace and aviation Industries. It is being led by the St. Louis Regional Freightway, another enterprise of Bi-State Development, which also owns and operates our airport. Members include representatives from the five busiest airports in the St. Louis region, major aerospace manufacturing and services companies, educational institutions, economic development organizations and various other partners.

Given the projected growth in the aerospace manufacturing and service industry and in the aviation sector, the Taskforce intends to create a centralized clearing house for the various regional initiatives focused on growing the pool of talent. The work of the Taskforce will be organized around three core policy initiatives:

  1. Strengthen the St. Louis region by increasing job growth in the aerospace and aviation sectors.
  2. Garner recognition of the region as one of the nation’s top aerospace manufacturing and aviation industry ecosystems.
  3. Assemble critical industry data that builds awareness of the region’s ecosystem and informs the region of the gap in talent, and help build the needed talent pipeline.

We are in the early stages but excited about the potential this Taskforce has to help support and advance the aerospace and aviation industry in the greater St. Louis region and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about the Taskforce or be signed up for updates as we move forward, please contact Mary Lamie, Executive Vice President of Multimodal Enterprises for Bi-State Development at