St. Louis Downtown Heliport Reservation Form

Due to heavy charter and air taxi operations, the general flying public must complete a reservation form, which will allow the operator of the heliport to approve or deny your request for access. Access requests will not be unreasonably denied; however, access will be limited to certain hours of operation as explained in the reservation form.

Additional FAA information about the St. Louis Downtown Heliport can be found at

Prior Permission Request (PPR)

Do not land without confirmation of coordination. Call 618-514-0206

  • Please use this form to request permission to land at the St. Louis Downtown Heliport. Access to the heliport will not be unreasonably withheld; however, due to heavy operation of charter and air taxi operations, it may not be possible to approve your request or your request may need to be modified to fit operational needs.

    To assist you in planning your reservation, please provide the following information. Requests must be submitted at least one day in advance. Requests for most times off-season (winter) will generally be approved. Military or Emergency Services will be approved regardless of time of day or season.

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  • Please enter a number from 1 to 20.
  • All flight operations will be conducted in accordance with current Federal Aviation Administration Regulations. The St. Louis Downtown Heliport has characteristics that require additional knowledge and specific operational procedures:

    • All normal approaches should be made from either the north or south parallel to shore depending on wind direction. From the east is least desirable due to flying over the river low and slow. Approaches and departures should NOT be made on the west side to avoid overflight of the Gateway Arch National Park grounds and pedestrian/vehicle traffic on the levee.
    • Flight paths for take-off and landing should be parallel to the shoreline for emergency landing areas. Routine approaches/departures perpendicular to the river channel should be avoided for safety reasons.
    • During times of high west winds, additional attention to the flight path on final approach is needed due to the Gateway Arch and buildings creating unusual wind currents. As a result, it may be required to make substantial power adjustments during approach.
    • Flight under bridges should be avoided during normal operations. (During an emergency, flight under a bridge may be your safest option – use it if needed! If you fly under a bridge, be prepared to provide detailed written documentation of the situation, if requested.)
    • The pilot should not lift off until they have been “cleared” by the “thumbs up” sign from the heliport attendant (if present).
    • Making prior coordination is required before operating to or from the KCPS heliport. (Services are available three miles southeast at the St. Louis Downtown Airport, FAA ID Code KCPS).
    • Due to space limitations on the heliport, all operations must be quick turns with a minimum amount of time on the ground and no overnight stays. For overnight stays, please utilize the St. Louis Downtown Airport (CPS) located 3NM SE.
    • No unauthorized persons will be allowed on the flight deck. All passengers must be escorted to and from the aircraft by the pilot or heliport personnel.
    • Don’t forget to contact “Downtown Tower” on 119.925.
    • Do not overfly any portion of Gateway Arch National Park. For noise abatement, avoid overflight of the Soulard and Benton Park neighborhoods to the south. (Click here for a map of those neighborhoods.)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.