Tenant News: Construction Updates

Tenant News: Construction Updates
August 3, 2020 St. Louis Downtown Airport
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While air traffic may have been slower in recent months, it’s been full speed ahead on a variety of projects to enhance the airport’s infrastructure and appearance. The work to improve the Curtis Steinburg Drive and Sauget Business Boulevard intersection is on track for completion by this fall, and this, along with the already completed improvements to the roadway leading into the airport will help to reduce travel times for employees at both Gulfstream and FedEx, and improve first-mile, last-mile delays. Both projects were supported by more than $1.5 million in federal and state infrastructure grants jointly secured by the Village of Sauget and the St. Louis Downtown Airport.

As part of the ongoing beautification efforts, the unsightly fence at Curtis Steinberg Drive and Falling Springs Road has been removed and the airport has been working to remove debris, eroded ground and weeds on the Curtis Steinberg overpass. Additional equipment is being purchased to help maintain the area.

We also are working with Gulfstream to make improvements to storm water management on the east side of the airport with plans calling for cutting deeper and wider ditches and mowing ditches more frequently.

The Village of Sauget also is a partner in the ongoing beautification efforts, and has secured grant funding for new street lighting to create a safer, more welcoming atmosphere. The enhanced lighting program is funded through a Surface Transportation Block Grant for safety improvements along Sauget Business Boulevard, which includes new lighting and some guardrails. The project starts at the intersection of Curtis Steinburg Drive and goes to Goose Lake Drive. A second grant through this program will cover similar safety improvements from Route 3 to Curtis Steinburg Drive, along Queeny Avenue, and then over Curtis Steinburg “bridge” to Sauget Business Boulevard. The total cost of both projects is just over $1.7 million and the Village of Sauget participation will be 20% of the project. Design work is also underway for additional improvements at the intersection of Route 3 and Queeny Avenue.

“This airport is the region’s front door for business aviation, and the potential for additional growth in and around the airport is enhanced when we provide a welcoming environment for existing and prospective tenants, employees and guests,” said Rich Sauget Jr., Mayor of the Village of Sauget. “We continue to value the working relationship between the airport and business park as we jointly collaborate to put our best foot forward.”